Training Programs are designed to create a culture that whole heartedly supports your company's commitment to sustainable growth.







Consulting Services are focused on assuring that your organization implements the strategy that creates competitiveness in your marketplace.




AND INSTALLATION - Partner companies have been selected to allow a seamless integration of green and sustainable strategy with products and installation to achieve a turnkey solution.


The principles of Green and Sustainable Solutions, Inc.  (GSS) have been successfully assisting clients become globally competitive for over 25 years by strategically selecting and implementing methodologies and products that yield sustainable growth. Client sizes range from small "Mom and Pop" business, with less than 10 employees, to internationally recognized companies with thousands of employees. 




About Us

Green and Sustainable Solutions, Inc. (GSS) has emerged as a leader specializing in assisting its clients become “Greener” and more profitable by reducing their Waste Stream (excesses in water, energy, air, chemicals, and materials) by creating a visual representation mapping these wastes within each process.  GSS is unique because it utilizes this Map to develop and implement a customized Green and Sustainable Program with quantifiable and verifiable financial impacts.

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Jetair Support: "If not for their assistance, JetAir probably would not be in business today." Adelino Martins, President, Jetair Support

Sol Inc.: "Technical Specialists are that are truly professional and very knowledgeable in Lean Transformation practices." Keith Bloomer, Plant Manager, Sol Inc.

Farmers Pump, Inc.: "Their team were able to get the job done far quicker and with more emphasis on what truly is important to our business than we expected. Morgan Reeser, President, Farmers Pump, Inc.

Eastern Aero Marine: "Every chance I get I recommend them, they are committed to what they do." Paul H. Streb, Director of Manufacturing Operations, Eastern Aero Marine

Advanced Test Products, Inc.: "Their 'just do it' attitude fit in well with our approach and helped spread the sense of urgency to the employee population." Cornel Opris, Vice President Operations, Advanced Test Products, Inc.


Yoder Brothers: "We expect a minimum of $1.5 million saving as a result of applying the ABC model and exercising Activity Based Management…" Patrick Crump, Director of Unrooted & Container Products, Yoder Brothers – Fort Myers Division