The majority of projects delivered by Green and Sustainable Solutions, Inc. have a strong technical component.  GSS's teams of Technical Specialists become actively involved in many aspects of the Clients’ business, from Strategic Planning through Tactical Implementation Programs.  The following is a representative list of the Hands-On Implementation and Consulting engagements that the GSS Team has facilitated. Please Contact Green and Sustainable Solutions as Resources and Engagements are constantly being added or can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

Lean Transformation

Green Transformation

Lean Six-Sigma Programs

Quality Management System Development and Implementation

Management / Product / Market Development

Team Based Problem Solving


CAD / Inventor

Energy Reduction Programs

State & Federal Tax Benefits & Credits


Real Estate Services

Video Production


Lean Transformation is based on applying the Lean “Tools” to assist in the identification and steady elimination of wastes to improve flow. As wastes are eliminated quality improves while time and costs are reduced thereby creating a more nimble and agile organization. A Lean Transformation usually includes, Lean Training, Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen projects using the Lean “Tools” (6S, Visual Systems, Standardized Work, Plant Layout, Teams, Point of Use Storage, Set up Reduction, Lot Size Reduction, Quality at the Source, Total Productive Maintenance, Pull & Kanban Systems, Cellular & Flow Systems) to eliminate wastes.

  • ·        Value Stream Mapping is a diagnostic tool to visualize an organization's internal process flow and challenges.

  • ·        Kaizen Events are used to eliminate organizational challenges identified in the Value Stream Map. The gradual elimination of non-value-added processes to improve efficiency, and add profitability to the bottom line

  • ·         Workplace Organization focuses on workflow configuration throughout the workplace to maximize productivity.

  • ·        6S Implementation is the first type of Kaizen that is usually performed as an outcome of the VSM. 6S focuses on elimination of clutter in the workplace, and organization / layout of the work area.

  • ·        Visual Systems allows the many different languages being spoken within today's organizations to understand what needs to be done. Visual systems help to eliminate confusion within the workplace.

  • ·       Visual Work Instructions (VWI's) are tools which are used, as part of the Visual System, to assist employees in consistently producing quality work.

  • ·         Inventory Control helps minimize the cost of materials through "right-sizing" inventory.

  • ·        Kanban / Supermarket Systems are a system used to keep specific parts and subassemblies, at required levels, preferably at the point of use.

  • ·         Max/Min Replenishment Systems can be an important part of the Visual System.

  • ·         Plant / Facility Layout assures that organizations have their facility in a manner that best supports continuous workflow.

  • ·        Setup Reduction focuses on non-value-added activities that occur during a product changeover.  Through a Setup Reduction, the team learns to eliminate waste in the changeover, therefore minimizing "downtime".

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Provides practical strategies and tools for integrating environmental considerations into Lean methods to eliminate waste, improve quality, improve the work environment for employees and maximize value delivered to the customer while reducing the environmental impacts to capture significant competitive advantage. Products with superior environmental performance can attract new customers.

·        Green Stream Mapping is a diagnostic tool to visualize where “Green Waste” occurs and where the organization stands on the Green Continuum.  Through the development of the Green Stream Map, the organization will identify Green Opportunities along their individual Value Streams.  Similar to Lean, organizations need to identify and rectify their Non Value Added Green Challenges.

·        Green Kaizen is a term derived from the Japanese concept of Continuous Improvement.  As part of a Green Transformation, Kaizen is a tool used, in a team environment, to identify and modify “non-green” processes within an organization’s operations.  The Kaizen team will be empowered to identify green waste, and brainstorm interventions to improve the entire targeted system.

The process begins with the selection of a specific team that will be chartered with improving a specific process.  The team will develop a problem statement; identify target metrics for the green improvement; brainstorming techniques on how to identify and document green opportunities, and how to convert these opportunities into actionable items.  GSS facilitators assist throughout the actual project to maintain focus on the initial targeted metrics. In addition the GSS facilitators assist in creating strategies to sustain continuous improvement after the Green Kaizen is complete.

·         Energy Conservation: Many of the products and processes used every day consume more power than necessary to get the job done.  There are also many products on the market that assist in using less energy.  GSS will identify the major and minor projects that can be implemented to reduce power consumption.  It will also examine alternative sources for energy savings.

·         Environmental Waste Reductions: Waste reduction is one of the most important environmental issues facing businesses today.  GSS will review waste generation, such as paper, cardboard, food waste, metal, glass, and plastics in facilities and discuss common waste reduction and recycling opportunities that may be used to better manage this portion of the facility’s waste stream.

·         ISO14001 Documentation Creation & Implementation.

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Many companies today have some employees trained in Lean Six-Sigma techniques but are unable to harness the true benefits of this training.  The reasons range from; not enough time by Senior Management to initiate and drive programs, to insufficient numbers of Lean Six-Sigma trained employees, to some well trained Lean Six-Sigma employees that have limited experience and need assistance to really drive projects to successful completions.  

"The primary benefit of Our Black Belt Mentor Program is that your company will have a dedicated Black Belt drive your project to a successful completion." 

The overall objective of Black Belt Mentoring Programs is to assist companies that currently have employees that are at the White, Yellow, Green & Black Belt levels.  The programs are lead by a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt with dozens of projects completed. They are tailored to meet Senior Management Objectives by identifying and defining the Business Case for projects.  They then lead & mentor a small project team of employees on the implementation of Lean Six-Sigma techniques to meet these business objectives.

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These International Standards specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS) where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system.  The following are some of the different Standards that we can assist with:

·         ISO 9001:2008 – Documentation Creation, Implementation or upgrade assistance.

·        AS 9100 Rev. C - Quality system for aircraft and components manufacturers. Documentation Creation, Implementation or upgrade assistance.

·         ISO-13485 - Quality system for medical device manufacturers. Documentation Creation, Implementation

·         Perform Internal Quality Audits of your system saving you time and giving objective opinions.

·         Perform Supplier Audits saving you time. Often, we have an expert on staff for the commodity being audited.

·         Provide In-house Quality and Inspection personnel to strengthen your quality team.

·         Quality Engineering; FMEAs, Control Plans, Gage & Fixture design can be done at your facility or your customer's. This will help ease your Sales and Engineering department's workloads.

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·         Strategic Planning is working with the Leadership Team to develop a long term Strategic Plan for the Organization.

·        Sales management support including training of Sales Managers, setting budgets and goals, forecasting, follow up and accountability.

·        Product and market strategy and development including market research, new product identification & development, and new product introductions.

·        International market development, especially Europe and Asia including identification of trading partners, establishment of off-shore distribution centers and foreign manufacturing plants.

·        Sourcing projects including raw material purchase price reduction, consolidation of purchasing, identification of new sources.

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Facilitate "Solving a Real Problem" in the company utilizing Teamwork; Data; and a Systematic Approach to achieve maximum results. Tools such as Brainstorming, SWOT Analysis, Pareto Chart, Fishbone Diagram, Nominal Group Technique, Impact analysis, etc. will be used applied to solve real problems.

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  • MRP / ERP

  • ·        User Requirements analysis identifies the system requirements, for each of the users of the proposed system, prior to an MRP / ERP system selection.

    ·        Gap analyses identify the deficiencies between what the Users need, versus what the System is capable of providing.  This is traditionally performed prior to a system upgrade.

    ·         Ensure that all processes are defined, and follow Lean Principles as they are linked to the new or existing MRP / ERP system.

    ·        Use an ERP implementation as an opportunity to define missing documents for your ISO system.  All processes and procedures should be documented to meet ISO requirements, and to be used as a template for connectivity to your MRP / ERP system.  One documentation system supports the other.

    ·        Develop an Information Stream Map for your MRP / ERP implementation.  This will help all system users, and the management team, to visualize the connects, and possible disconnects, in the use of the MRP / ERP system within your process flow.

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·        Development of complex BOMs (Bill of Materials) from CAD software. Creation of Part Numbering Matrices for manufactured, purchased, and raw material codes, would be used with Smart Numbers with the ability to track from engineering though manufacturing, to marketing, and sales.

·        Creating file structure of CAD systems, foundations of data storage, and Autodesk Vault fundamentals. Creating folder structures for engineering files and data, driven by Part Numbering Matrices, by product category.

·     Design and development of a system of Engineering Change Notice's (ECN's) including the correct procedures for implementation. Creating Manufacturing Routers for standardizing process flow, reduced set up time, and improved manufacturing time, to make the products more efficiently with higher quality outcomes.

·        Use the CAD tools and the BOM to produce products more efficiently at lower cost.  Use of these tools to determine the best material selection, and most efficient assembly sequences.

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GSS provides total energy management and saving solutions based on proven technologies.  Our methodology and systems lower energy costs while reducing greenhouse emissions for commercial and industrial facilities.  For every system we install, we can offer a written guarantee of your facility's energy savings.  In addition we also calculate your reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

·         More efficient and effective lighting to reduce electric costs and increase occupant environment.

·         Lower electric bills and maintenance costs and reduce equipment downtime.

·         Improve electrical equipment operation, reliability and longevity.

·         Improve electrical power usage and efficiencies throughout the facility.

·         Lower heat load on Air Conditioning Systems.

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Various often overlooked State and Federal tax credit and benefit programs and tools can be used to improve organizations by reducing taxes and increasing cash flows. GSS will help you take advantage of these items putting more money in your pocket and giving you a competitive advantage in your industry.  Best of all our services pay for themselves many times over. 

·         Sales Tax Exemptions assists many companies in getting thousands of dollars refunded to them for sales taxes that they paid when they should have been exempt from paying those taxes.  We can assist in getting your company exempt and therefore qualify for a Retroactive Refund and future exemption of these sales taxes. In addition, the process from application to a refund check can be as short as a few weeks. In tough economic times it becomes important that your company gets all that’s due to it while reducing operating costs into the future. This is FREE MONEY and lower monthly operating expenses just for the asking.

·         Various Export Tax Benefit Programs available to companies that had export activities during the open tax years as well as on a going forward basis. As a retroactive benefit, these programs result in refunds paid to companies by the IRS and state governments   On a going forward basis, these programs result in immediate tax savings.  Either way, these export benefits can add up to significant amounts of current dollars to companies that never knew were available to them. As it applies to these programs, exports are defined as products whose ultimate destination is outside the U.S.  This includes not only direct exports but also “indirect” exports or cases when a company sells products to a company in the U.S. and that company ultimately ships the product outside of the U.S. Because of this, the door is open for more companies unsuspecting companies to obtain export benefits. Although the various export tax benefit programs are available to just about every industry, our experience has shown that a very small percentage of  small to mid-size U.S. companies have taken advantage of all programs offered by the federal and state governments

·         Additional State and Federal Tax Credits and Benefits In addition to export tax benefit programs, Federal and State governments have implemented a very wide array of other programs to help stimulate economic growth.  Also similar to export programs, these programs apply retroactively and going forward. This too will result in allowing companies to increase their cash flows, lower their effective tax rates, and be more competitive in their respective industries.

Because of the large number of programs, they effectively apply to just about any U.S. taxpayer.

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The principles of GSS have secured millions of dollars in Grants for its clients. Our expertise in filling out the paperwork and cutting through the red tape in Applying and QUALIFYING for these government sponsored Grant programs is second to none. Use these Grant funds to train your workforce to be more productive thereby making your company more competitive in today’s marketplace.

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Gilberto “Gil” Lugo is a Florida Licensed Real Estate Professional with Charles Rutenberg Realty LLC. assisting clients with all their Commercial and Residential Real Estate Needs.

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Video Productions facilities to create training and marketing Videos.

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