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"If not for their assistance, JetAir probably would not be in business today."   Adelino Martins, President, Jetair Support

   “JetAir Support Inc. Awarded ISO Certification” - Project #1

MIAMI – When Adelino Martins, president of JetAir Support Inc. of Miami decided to go after military contracts, he realized his company would have to become ISO certified in order to compete.

“In order to expand the opportunities for my company and to compete for contracts with government and overseas customers, I realized we had to become ISO certified or lose business,” Martins said. “The question was how we were going to go about getting certified.”

While the process to become ISO certified entailed a lot of hard work, time and effort, it was definitely worth it, according to Martins. “Gil Lugo worked with us for 10 months,” he said. “He was knowledgeable and spoke Spanish, which definitely allowed him to communicate with many of my employees.”

That was important Martins said because it made him feel confident that his employees were able to understand the ISO process and why it was important for the company to go through the process.

“The grandness and size of the project was impressive,” Martins said, “and in the beginning it was difficult. But as time went by, we all began to understand where it was going and realized the structure of the program was similar to what is required by the FAA.

JetAir Support Inc. is an FAA and JAA Certified Repair Station. The company has been located in Miami since 1992 and currently employs a workforce of 14 highly trained machinists.

A full-service repair station, JetAir provides welding, turning, broaching, grinding, cleaning and painting to MIL standards. JetAir currently serves U.S. airlines; foreign carriers and other repair and overhaul facilities and turbine engine parts suppliers.

“We have always been able to bid on government contracts and are approved to do work for the Department of Defense,” Martins said, “but adding the ISO 9001:2000 certification has certainly been worth it.”

In fact, since becoming certified, JetAir has increased sales by $800,000.

Martins agreed. “The procedures have been very helpful, especially inside the front office,” he said. “Because we are regulated by the FAA, we are used to doing things in a certain way within the shop, but we have expanded the uniform way in which we do business in our buying, our paperwork process and the way we do business every day

Adelino Martins, President

Jetair Support

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The Sky's the Limit for JetAir Support Inc.” - Project #2

Client Profile:

JetAir Support Inc. (JetAir) is a service provider to United States airlines, foreign carriers, other repair and overhaul facilities, and turbine engine parts suppliers. The company is located in Miami, Florida where they provide repair service and overhaul of jet engine components. JetAir is an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certified repair facility. The company employs 21 people. 


After September 11, 2001, the airline industry was loosing business because people were not flying. At the same time, JetAir was outsourcing a procedure to a third party contractor which involved the sprayed application of plasma coatings to "worn-out" components as part of the process to restore them to their original specifications. The spraying equipment was fairly costly and no JetAir employees had been trained to do the spraying. This situation put JetAir at the mercy of a sub contractor, affecting its ability to control and maintain its deliveries as promised. The situation was having many adverse effects on the business and needed to be addressed. Equipment had to be purchased and the work force needed training on this new technology.


Gil Lugo assisted JetAir in obtaining an EDA (Economic Development Administration) training grant, which offset the cost and allowed its employees to participate in an FAA approved training program. The training included process set-up, equipment use, creating samples for evaluation, machine maintenance, and trouble shooting. Upon completing the training, the employees were certified in the plasma spraying process and are able to offer the plasma spraying service to other companies. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, JetAir was able to enter into the Supply Point database program, a database of companies that supply products and services to DoD and its major contractors.


* Increased sales by $600,000.

* Lowered costs by $70,000.

* Created new customers.

* Supplies products and services to DoD contractors.


"Gil Lugo and his team are responsible, to a great extent, for JetAir being where we are today and I feel that I owe them a great deal. I cannot put enough emphasis on the value of the services provided to me and my company by Gil Lugo. If not for his assistance, JetAir probably would not be in business today."

Adelino Martins, President

Jetair Support

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Sol Inc.
"Technical Specialists are that are truly professional and very knowledgeable in Lean Transformation practices."
Keith Bloomer, Plant Manager, Sol Inc.

  "SOL, Inc. Reduces Leadtime and Increases Productivity through Lean Implementation"

Client Profile:

SOL, Inc., formerly known as Solar Outdoor Lighting, Inc., is a privately held, manufacturer of commercial grade Solar powered lighting products and systems used to light parking lots, streets, billboards, transit shelters and other areas needing security and safety. The company employs 22 people at its facility in Palm City, Florida.


SOL was experiencing a growth of 30 percent and started to see a trend toward more product standardization versus the pervasive custom product in years past. Opportunities to continuously improve SOL were essential to support and maintain the competitive growth demands from their existing and expanding customer base. With many improvement opportunities for lead time reduction and productivity improvement that could best be met by Lean Transformation concepts, SOL decided to move forward with Lean.


SOL manufactures the Solar lighting system in cells, each of which is dedicated to specific components of the system. The cell speeds and schedules were not coordinated, which led to mismatched output product and late deliveries, as well as a high level of staged partial systems awaiting shipment. The bottleneck cells were Solar Panel production and Transit Shelter Security Light production. The team worked with SOL to improve and add features of Point of Use Storage, Workplace Organization, Detailed Work Instructions, and Quality at the Source. These features were integrated with a Kanban process for feeding material to the line. The team also worked with SOL to establish a system of Standardized Work Instructions to assure repeatability in the manufacture of all products.


* Reduced lead time by 50 percent.

* Improved on-time delivery by 95 percent.

* Increased customer satisfaction.


"Rich Charron and the rest of the Technical Specialists are truly professional and very knowledgeable in Lean Transformation practices as well as possessing the skills needed to be effective with employees at all levels."

Keith Bloomer, Plant Manager

Sol Inc.

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Farmers Pump, Inc.
“Their team were able to get the job done far quicker and with more emphasis on what truly is important to our business than we expected. Morgan Reeser, President, Farmers Pump, Inc.

  “Pompano Beach Company Pumped Up”

Pompano Beach – As president of Farmers Pump Inc., Morgan Reeser had reason to be proud. His industrial water pumps are considered some of the most efficient and well made in the industry. If we had a problem with even one pump in a year that was a surprise,” Reeser said. “Quality has just always been there.” But these days, knowing about your own product’s quality just isn’t enough.

 “A year ago I was unable to bid on some projects because my company wasn’t ISO certified,” Reeser said. “I also had intentions of bidding on some overseas projects that also required me to be ISO compliant. I knew I had to do something.

ISO 9001 signifies the company has met a rigorous set of internationally observed standards. While the process to become ISO certified entailed a lot of work, time and effort, it was definitely worth it, according to Reeser.

“The certification has allowed me to keep existing customers by demonstrating our commitment to meeting and exceeding their requirements,” Reeser said. “And, as hoped, it has allowed us to bid on new contracts in this country and overseas.”  In fact, those new customers have allowed Farmers Pump to increase sales 20 percent during the first year alone, Reeser said.

 Finally, and just as important, being ISO 9001 certified has allowed the company to decrease the time it takes to manufacture repeat orders, thereby decreasing lead time and increasing profitability.

 “The team led by Gil Lugo was just spectacular,” Reeser said. “They were active in and very excited about the process. They pushed us along and made sure things happened when they were supposed to.”

 The project started with a company-wide awareness program, followed by documentation and implementation assistance. The team also trained the employees on how to plan, conduct and audit a Quality Management System. Farmers Pump Inc. received ISO 9001 certification in less than 10 months – which is almost record time.


“Gil Lugo and his team were able to get the job done far quicker and with more emphasis on what truly is important to our business than we expected,” Reeser said. “In addition, the consultant had a great amount of hands-on experience, not only in ISO, but specifically with manufacturing. That fact alone gave us a lot of confidence in our implementation approach.”


Morgan Reeser, President

Farmers Pump, Inc.

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Eastern Aero Marine
“Every chance I get I recommend them, they are committed to what they do.” Paul H. Streb, Director of Manufacturing Operations, Eastern Aero Marine

  “Eastern Aero Marine Adds Value

MIAMI – Eastern Aero Marine of Miami requested Gil Lugo to assist them in improving inventory control, reduce lead times for product manufacturing and enhance customer satisfaction.

The request met with complete success, according to Paul H. Streb, director of manufacturing operations for the 50 year-old company that manufactures life vests and life rafts for the worldwide aircraft and marine industry.

“Gil’s team took a mish-mash of pickup sticks and arranged them in neat order,” Streb said. “Those people really know what they are doing and identified our problem areas quickly and offered immediate remedies to many of our problems.”

Streb said the Value Stream Map (VSM) process involved interviewing the purchasing, materials and manufacturing managers, along with himself. The map provided important material and information flow that laid the groundwork for the recommendations that were implemented. At the same time, Eastern Aero was introduced to the Lean Techniques.

“We spent more than two years implementing lean practices,” Streb said, “and have easily reduced our inventory by $1.5 million. That’s a real saving when you consider what it costs to keep excess inventory on the shelf.”

But Streb did much more than that. He ensured his managers, chief engineer and purchasing manager were all up to date on Lean Techniques. “I want the thought process to be uniform and parallel,” he said. “That way, we don’t have to stop and explain what’s going on all the time.”

Streb said quality is a huge issue for the 145 employees of Eastern Aero Marine. “When you make life vests and rafts there is no room for error,” he said. “Obviously high quality has always been important to us or we would not have been in business for 50 years, but the trick was to reduce our costs and improve our profit margin without compromising our quality.”

 “The VSM and Lean allowed us to focus,” Streb added. “It also allowed us to reduce lead time, improve our shipping time and added to our overall customer satisfaction.”

In fact, according to Streb, in addition to the reduction in inventory, Point of Use Storage eliminated the need for a mezzanine warehouse, saved at least two days of material movement, removed redundant approvals and shortened lead times by 10 days, all resulting in tremendous savings for the company.

For Gil Lugo, who headed up the team, the Eastern Aero Marine experience was a positive one from start to finish. “The managers and employees there have been great to work with,” he said. “They have been open to the recommendations we made and quickly moved to remedy situations as they were pointed out.”


For his part, Streb can’t say enough good things about his experience with the consultant’s team. “Every chance I get I recommend them,” he said. “I have nothing but the highest praise for the people there. They are committed to what they do. Everyone who walked through our door was a professional in every sense of the word.” 


Paul H. Streb, Director of Manufacturing Operations

Eastern Aero Marine

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Advanced Test Products
 “Their “just do it” attitude fit in well with our approach and helped spread the sense of urgency to the employee population.”  Cornel Opris, Vice President Operations, Advanced Test Products, Inc.

  "ATP Improves Customer Service and Productivity through Lean Transformation”

Company Profile

Advanced Test Products, Inc., formerly known as TIF Instruments, Inc., is a leading provider of test instruments used in the air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical and automotive industries. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, ATP employs approximately 250 people and has annual sales of more than $ 45 million.  ATP’s mission is to provide its customers with quality advanced testing products coupled with the highest degree of service and support.


ATP recognized that in order to sustain its success as a pioneer in the industry and remain competitive on the global markets, they must continually seek ways to maintain customer loyalty and provide the highest quality products at a competitive cost. In conjunction with the company’s continuous improvement objectives, ATP made a decision to transform itself into a Lean company in order to reduce inventory, increase quality and productivity, and improve service to its customers.


As a first step in the process, the consulting team worked with ATP’s management team in introducing the principles of Lean Transformation to the employees. Lean Fundamentals workshops were presented in both English and Spanish thereby providing all team members with the knowledge and necessary tools to advance to the next stage of Lean transformation.

At the initial stages of the process, the production floor was changed into work cells and workstations were redesigned to eliminate motion waste and be more conducive to a flow process. With the Consultant team’s input, the ATP team then set-up a Kanban replenishment system between the raw materials warehouse and the production floor for all product lines, virtually eliminating all kitting and substantially reducing parts counting. Through a series of classroom training sessions and Kaizen events, Consultants worked with the ATP team in introducing new Lean Transformation techniques such as Value Stream Mapping, 5S’s and Set-up Reduction. These techniques, including creating a “one piece flow” balanced work cell and fine tuning of the Kanban material replenishment, were applied to their Refrigerant Weight Scales line, addressing virtually the entire material and product flow. This enabled the ATP team to have a complete product line on the new system (from warehouse to finished goods) and fully test the concepts.


The lean techniques implemented either on a plant wide basis or being tested on specific product lines have yielded astounding results:

* Work in process was reduced from two to four weeks to one to two days;

* Response time to customer orders was reduced from two weeks to one day;

* Labor efficiency increased by 15%;

* Finished goods inventory was reduced from one month to one week;

* Line set up time was reduced from two hours to ten minutes;


“Implementing Lean is a continuous process requiring long term commitment, a willingness to think out of the box as well as a “just do it” attitude. To make it happen, you have to provide not only the vision and direction necessary but also the tools needed to accomplish the task. Gil Lugo, Project Manager with the consulting team, provided us not only with the necessary tools and techniques but also helped ATP’s management to translate its vision and direction to the rest of the employees.  Their “just do it” attitude fit in well with our approach and helped spread the sense of urgency to the employee population.”


Cornel Opris, Vice President Operations

Advanced Test Products, Inc.

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